Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

As you can see, I've started my very own blog - and couldn't think of a better day to launch it than Valentine's Day!

To celebrate, I'm giving away three February Desire books written by Downunder authors:

The Wayward Son, by Yvonne Lindsay
Bed of Lies, by Paula Roe
What Happens in Charleston..., by me!

And here's a sneak peek into each story:

The Wayward Son - Yvonne Lindsay

The Best-Laid Plans
Judd Wilson finally has his chance for revenge. He will dismantle his estranged father’s cherished business empire and—the icing on the cake—steal the man’s ravishing mistress. Certainly the sizzling attraction Judd feels for Anna Garrick will only make his vengeance sweeter. But as fascination becomes insatiable desire, Judd begins to question his intent. He’d believed the worst of his father, and of Anna.

Now, when long-buried family deceits are uncovered, Anna’s fierce loyalty to his father forces Judd to rethink his plans—because destroying the man who hurt him will mean losing Anna, too.…

Bed of Lies - Paula Roe

Her Darkest Secret… Revealed
Banker Luke De Rossi must sell the Australian beach house he inherited from his mobster uncle, fast. But then he runs up against Beth Jones. Is she the rightful tenant? A reporter out for a scoop? His uncle’s lover? Luke wants answers - almost as much as he wants Beth.

The last thing Beth needs is this hunky magnet for media attention breathing down her neck. She has a lot to hide. And falling hard for Luke as he gets closer - and tries to evict her! - isn’t helping things. Separately, they have each made their bed. Now they’ll lie in it… together.

What Happens in Charleston... - Rachel Bailey

Money has always given Matthew Kincaid whatever he wanted. Yet now his son needs something even his millions can't buy. The widower's sole recourse is the surrogate who gave birth to his child - for she is also the boy's true biological mother.

Susannah Parrish needs no prodding to offer her assistance - a child's life is at stake. But to their mutual surprise, the minute she's back in Charleston and residing in Matthew's home, passion consumes them. Is this a relationship doomed by deception? Or is it the one chance at a love they both secretly crave?

Just leave a comment to be in the draw all three books. Maybe tell me about any firsts you've had recently!


  1. Great to see a new blog in the mix Rachel. I can't think of any firsts recently, but I'm definitely looking forward to reading your latest book - just need to download it to my ereader.

  2. Congrats on your fabulous blog, Rachel. I thought I might be FIRST here, but had password issues! I'll be dropping by often. x m

  3. Well done on your new blog, Rachel. So when are you planning to sleep? ;-)

    Recent firsts for me? Oh! Yes! First child started primary school a couple of weeks ago. Many tears were shed (mine, not hers!).

  4. My best first last year had to be signing my first book contract. And I'm hanging out to actually HOLD my first print book in a few weeks :) Great blog - welcome to BLOGLAND!

  5. Hi Lyn, I can think of a first for you - you're the first ever commenter on my blog! No matter what happens on the blog now, no matter who drops by, you will always have been the first. :)

    Hope you enjoy Matthew & Susannah's story!

  6. Hi Margie! You were *this* close to being the first. =)

  7. Glad to have found you! I just finished Sex, Lies, and the Southern Belle and can't wait to read yours!

  8. Alli, sleep? What is this sleep of which you speak? ;)

    First child started primary school - such an awwww moment. I bet you took photos!

  9. Rach, congrats again on your first contract - I'm still thrilled for you!

    I remember getting a box of my first book in the mail - fabulous feeling. Savour it. :)

  10. Shelley, I'm glad you found me too! I haven't read Sex, Lies and the Southern Belle yet - it's just hitting the shelves downunder now. Of course, I know what happens in it and read the synopsis so our stories worked together, but now I'm looking forward to buying it and sinking into Kathie's fabulous voice as she tells Lily's story.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. Hi Rachel, congratulations on starting your blog!! A recent first for me - my baby started uni today (orientation day) and although it wasn't anything like the first day of kindy, it still made me feel very odd!! (odd - not old... hahahaa! OK old as well!!!)

    Can't wait to read WHAT HAPPENS IN CHARLESTON!!

  12. Yay, Rachel! congrats on the blog :-)

    My first would be working out of home - didn't realize libraries could be so damn noisy!

  13. Christina, I'm thinking your baby might not be a baby anymore! But congratulations on your baby starting university - such an exciting time of life.

  14. Paula, my dream job is to work in a library! You'll have to have a librarian hero or heroine in a future book.

    Btw, I have the copy of Bed of Lies here that you sent for this prize, and I've been soooo tempted to pick it up and read! The cover alone is enticing. I guess I'll have to get my own copy when it hits the downunder shelves in March. =)

  15. Congrats on starting your blog! I'm too late for the contest, but I wanted to share anyway. Recently I got my first ereader & can't say enough how much I enjoy it. Thanks to my wonderful fiancé.

  16. Natalija, lovely to meet you! I got my first kindle the other day and I'm loving it. In fact I blogged about how I came to own it at the Desire Author Blog http://desireauthors.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/today-i-bought-kindle.html

    Hope you get lots of lovely reading hours out of it!