Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Some of the Bailey dogs are getting into the festive spirit and I thought I'd share.

This top photo is Dougal, patiently waiting for me to take the pic. He's such a good boy, even when the purpose of wearing a blue Merry Christmas hat completely eludes him.

The second photo is Fergus, who will do pretty much anything for attention if he's in the mood, including posing on a chair in green tinsel.

If you want to see some more gorgoeus dogs getting festive, pop over to Nikki Logan's blog where she's posting a dog a day in The Twelve Dogs of Christmas. Each of the Bailey dogs will be making appearances!


  1. Fergus is such a good boy! My horror would be trying to eat the tinsel.

    Happy holidays to the four pack! and their humans :)

  2. Jenny, Fergie is a discriminating eater - he didn't consider eating the tinsel. It's not like, say, rocks or sand or dirt or sticks or mud or the rotting middle of firewood...

    Happy holidays to you, too!